The family winery


Who I am

Hi, I'm Riccardo and I welcome you to my small cellar with origins strongly rooted in centuries and tradition. Our family has been producing wines in the Langhe del Moscato for 6 generations.

Since 1998 it has been committed to the enhancement of the Moscato vine and has specialized in the exclusive production of this grape, firstly to be focused on getting the best and secondly to give a strong signal of the "belief" in this vine.

I am lucky enough to be the sixth generation of a family of winemakers  in the wonderful land of the Langhe in Piedmont.Today, as my loved ones did, every day with great joy I take care of vineyards even with over 100 years.

At the same time, I wanted to keep the secrets of families to grow naturally, but I completely innovated the methods of processing and fermentation. In fact, our wonderful grapes are stopped in ancient terracotta amphorae.

This process gave birth to the wine "La Moscata" which won numerous awards such as "best wine in Italy 2021 and 2022. I rediscovered the canvas filtering method by patenting a machine that allows you to filter wine with hemp bags that work drop by drop. Hence the Astralis that has won numerous awards for the sweet wine category.

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Moscato producers

Committed to producing Moscato d'Asti in the best possible way, we work our vineyards respecting nature and man and for this reason we have adopted the following eco-sustainability initiatives:

  • We use only natural substances
  • We fight harmful pests using natural fungi
  • We use the technique of sexual confusion to avoid the proliferation of harmful insects without killing them altogether
  • We are investing to reduce fuel use in vineyard tractors by 60%
  • Our electricity is produced from 100% certified renewable sources



Our winery

Our winery is a creative laboratory where inspiration is strongly rooted in history. Thanks to this, new Methods have been developed, rediscovering the wisdom of the past and bringing it back to the current world.

Like  the Amphora Aging Method, a millenary heritage of the Ancient Romans which, thanks to its microoxygenation, gives our Premiatissima Moscata, awarded as the Best Wine of Italy 2020, harmony, finesse, balance, complexity and drinkability.

Or the ancientCanvas filtration method, which gives to theAstralisan unmistakable body and aroma.


affinamento in bottiglia
di moscato

metodo brevettato
in anfora

antico metodo di filtrazione
goccia a goccia

vinificazione martinotti
in acciao

metodo classico
fermentazione in bottiglia