SINCE 1998





We only produce Moscato because we like to do this

We only produce Moscato because we like to do this. We believe in this grape variety in our territory, we explore the immense potential of this grape.

We wanted to give an identity to this wine through six completely different expressions: two dry and four sweet. The evolution and elevation can go from ten years to thirty and more becoming one of the most long-lived wines.

For six generations we cultivate the passion for Moscato and refine in the bottle with the Martinotti method and the classic ancestral method, and for the first time in amphora with a patented method. We also produce Moscato as a hundred years ago, filtered in natural cotton bags with a slow drip system.

Mongioia is led by Riccardo Bianco Owner, Oenologist and Agronomist who has produced a collection of Moscato-based wines all with a strong identity and has transformed the winery into an artisan boutique with passion and devotion to Moscato: feelings that are expressed in every bottle of the entire Mongioia Collection!


Guido Invernizzi

Sommelier Teacher


Great pleasure and a fixed stop to be here with you.

Extraordinary products and I repeat I will be grateful or I have to invent another term, because I always tell you, you made me make peace with Moscato, because these are products of extraordinary quality. A glass of all your various types, the range of Muscat in my opinion is an event and an unmissable moment.


Gianni Piezzo

Sommelier in Torre del Saracino
by Gennaro Esposito with 2 Michelin Stars


The wine that Gianni Piezzo - sommelier of the "Torre del Saracino" - proposes  for a special toast is a captivating example of a grape that the whole world envies us for its peculiarities: Moscato d'Asti.

An all-Italian way to greet the beginning of the new year with a Moscato, that of Mongioia, which with its pleasantness manages to unite everyone's tastes.


Giuseppe Vaccarini

Oenologist, Best Sommelier
in the World A.S.I., President ASPI


The Astralis among the wines you produce  is one of those that I really appreciate because it is a muscat that reminds me a bit of the tastes of the past.

The early days that I tasted wines, I liked Moscato very much like all young people, as an almost child I liked it very much because it was sweet, then over time I no longer found it in that way; but thanks to you who have reinterpreted it in a more innovative way while maintaining those criteria of the time.