White wine

Features of the vineyard

Vine: 100% White Moscato
Classification: White wine
Age of Vineyards: 40 years
Growing System: Guyot
Average Grape yield per hectare: 90 quintals
Exposition: north face
Ground structure: silt, white clay and marl

Production features

Winemaking: each cru is vinified in purity. Afterwards the shortest possible time after the grape harvest, it happens a special pressing.
The spontaneous fermentation takes place, with autochthonous yeasts selected of our vineyard ultra- secular, in steel tubs and it is carried out completely, leaving a sugar residue of about 1 g/liter
Refining: in bottle, in a vertical position
Alcohol content: 12 % Vol
Aging capacity: 10 years.
Bottle sizes: 750 ml
Vintage: 2017

Organoleptic properties

A quiet version of Moscato. It looks like a common wine, but it suddenly offers an explosion of rich and sometimes uncontrollable aromas. Yellow is the element that better affects the nose. A colour that becomes a feeling thanks to the yellow pulp fruits, chamomile and citrus fruits. Fruity and savoury flavours mix up in the mouth. It can be served with seafood, starting from simple fish and chips to a plate of alici di lampara scottadito (grilled anchovies caught with lamparas to be eaten very hot).
To maintain at 5° shortly before the service.