Moscato d’Asti DOCG

Features of the vineyard

Vine: 100% White Moscato
Classification: Moscato d’Asti DOCG
Age of Vineyards: 100 years
Growing System: Guyot
Average Grape yield per hectare: 30 quintals
Exposition: southwestern face
Ground structure: white clay and a little percentage of sand and silt.

Production features

Winemaking: each cru is vinified in purity. Afterwards the shortest possible time after the grape harvest it happens a special pressing. The spontaneous fermentation takes place, with autochthonous yeasts selected of our vineyard ultra-secular, in steel autoclaves.
Refining: in bottle, in a vertical position
Alcohol content: 5% Vol
Aging capacity:30 years.
Bottle sizes: 750 ml and 1,5 Lt
Award: RedAward Merano Wine Festival 2014
Vintage: 2016

Organoleptic properties

A sparkling wine obtained from pure Muscat grape. It is possible to understand the complexity of this variety even from a quite recent bottle, thanks to the terrains rich in white clay, almost centenary plants and an extremely thorough and precise vinification process. Complex and typical bouquets, followed by a clear white pulp fruit, apricot, not to mention a juicy and citrus flavour that allows the wine to evolve in a complex way. It can be tasted with a blue-veined cheese or with raw seafood.
To maintain at 5° shortly before the service.