Crivella 2003

Moscato d’Asti DOCG

Features of the vineyard

Vine: 100% White Moscato
Classification: Moscato d’Asti DOCG
Age of Vineyards: 90 years
Growing System: Guyot
Average Grape yield per hectare: 30 quintals
Exposition: southwestern face
Ground structure: white clay and a little percentage of sand and silt

Production features

Winemaking: each cru is vinified in purity. Afterwards the shortest possible time after the grape harvest it happens a special pressing.
The spontaneous fermentation takes place, with autochthonous yeasts selected of our vineyard ultra- secular, in steel autoclaves.
Refining: in bottle, in a vertical position
Alcohol content: 5% Vol
Aging capacity: 30 years.
Bottle sizes: 375 ml and 1,5 Lt
Award: RedAward Merano Wine Festival 2012 e 2013
Vintage: 2003

Organoleptic properties

This label goes definitely beyond the thought that Moscato should be drunk within the year of production. The range of aromas of this 2003 can be described by plenty of characteristics that a Moscato produced by old plants and through a long Charmat method can show. Its maturity conveys the flavours of ripe apricot, hay and mint. Full mouth with correct evolution hints and strawberry-tree honey finish. It can be well matched with a pecorino di fossa (pecorino cheese of the pit) or with monkfish liver with butter and sage.
To maintain at 5° shortly before the service.