A winery with solid origins in the land of Moscato d’Asti

Antico vitigno

Steep grounds to work, vineyards exceptionally long-lived among the oldest in the district, and very clear ideas, get a natural wine that respects the land, preserve the tradition, but it is graceful and innovative.
Riccardo Bianco, great experimenter, once taken the baton from father Marco, who shot down the yields per hectare creating Crivella in the 90s, he has exalted the ancient strengths and with the vision of elegance and excellence has directed the company to the exclusive production of Moscato Bianco, defining the precise identity of the wines and expanding the range of Mongioia wines with new versions of sweet and dry, pointing without uncertainties at the excellence.
Watchword? To extol the outstanding raw material, giving life to wines of high pleasantness and organoleptic extraordinary characteristics.
Maria and Riccardo Bianco enthusiastically tell the suggestions of their land, in a total devotion to Moscato. An absolute value for the Bianco’s family now in its sixth generation, with more than a century and a half of history, and a production that draws its lifeblood from ancient and ungrafted vineyards of 90 and 170 years old.”